Guided Meditations

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The guided meditations presented here are recordings from sessions. Hope these bring you some measure of peace, relaxation and resting in kindness. Please drop me a line ( if you have feedback or just want to share thoughts. Be well and take care! ~ Shuba.

Gratitude Meditation: This meditation begins with gratitude for the land, the body, beings in our lives that we are grateful for and opens to the boundless space of gratitude and awareness that hold appreciation for everything. Inspired by my mentor Stan Eisenstein’s meditation (Depth and breadth of gratitude).

Forgiveness Meditation: This meditation uses a body scan to incline the attention towards letting go, and uses the formal phrases of forgiveness to deepen the intention towards forgiveness of self and others.

RAIN Meditation: This meditation uses the acronym RAIN as a way of turning towards what is challenging and allowing it to be transformed through kind attention and care. Recorded during four week session: 11-12-22

Gratitude Meditation: This meditation inclines the attention towards what is easeful in the moment as a way of deepening gratitude. Recorded during four week session: 11-5-22

Loving-kindness Meditation

This meditation uses relaxation and traditional phrases of kindness to help connect with an innate capacity for caring and friendliness. Recorded during four week session: 7-20-22

Joy meditation

This meditation uses gratitude and appreciation to connect with our innate capacity for experiencing ease, contentment and joy. Recorded during four week session: 8-3-22

Equanimity meditation

This meditation uses phrases of equanimity to connect with a natural capacity for resting in ease, acceptance and letting-go. Recorded during four week session: 8-10-22