About Me

Namaste and Welcome to all! My name is Subha Srinivasan and I live in the upper valley in New England with my husband and daughter. I have been meditating with mindfulness and loving-kindness practices since 2007. These practices have changed my life and helped me live in a more authentic way. They continually inspire me to stay open to life’s experiences with the intention of kindness and self-compassion and I feel moved to share them with others

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My background:

I have been practicing in the vipassana (insight meditation) style of mindfulness since 2007 with Valley Insight Meditation Society. My practice was transformed by a loving-kindness (metta) retreat in 2008 at Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Barre, MA. Since then, metta has flavored my practice and life in profound ways, especially as a parent and an educator. I am a recent alum of MMTCP program (class of 2023) and offer courses on mindfulness and loving-kindness. I believe that relaxation and kindness important when we enter the space of meditation, and my teaching style inclines towards gentleness and allowing our experience to unfold while practicing letting go of control. My guiding teachers have been Doreen Schweizer, Michele McDonald, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and Stan Eisenstein.