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Article in Lion’s Roar: A Mom’s perspective on metta.

Sometimes I look at my one-year-old daughter and I feel this profound sense of well-being. A deep gratitude for being able to witness the kind of pure beauty and joy that she brings into our lives. By her presence, her laughter, her silly games, her loving embraces and her funny likes and dislikes. In these moments, I say a silent prayer: may you be well, may you be happy, may you be safe, may you have ease of heart. This prayer, the quintessential metta prayer, has saved me more times than I can recount…

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Book on Amazon: The Year of the Rose: Reflections of a new mother and lessons in mindfulness and loving-kindness 

“This window of witnessing what it is like to not know the concept of time or gravity, to not experience fear or doubt, to know freedom of expressing yourself just as you are, that is the gift of parenthood. It is the gift of witnessing the delight in being alive.” -Excerpt from The Year of the Rose. Written in real time during the first year of motherhood, this book abounds with reminders: of the fleeting nature of this time, of staying mindful of frustrations as well as the joys of motherhood, and of starting over. Going from how to stay open to a baby’s cries when you have done everything you know, to loving yourself unconditionally and letting go of expectations of being a perfect parent, this book will speak to your heart – if you are a new parent. It will also make you cherish the moments of connection with your baby and make you want to be more present in life.

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